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Cardiovascular disease is the preeminent cause of sickness and death in the United States.

The single largest cause of hospitalizations among Medicare beneficiaries is congestive heart failure, with over 1 million annual admissions into US hospitals. The same patient may experience multiple manifestations of cardiovascular disease, particularly elderly Medicare beneficiaries, in whom overlapping congestive heart failure, cardiac rhythm disorders (including atrial fibrillation), and ischemic heart disease is a common occurrence.

Heart disease research using administrative data, has been a core mission of CDRG since its founding. The importance of cardiovascular disease relates to its contribution to overall mortality, and, equally important, to sickness and quality of life. Our perspective at CDRG is focused on the burden of cardiovascular mortality in the US population, and on the personal cost of reduced quality of life and economic costs reflected in hospitalizations.

Our analytic group has broad experience and expertise using administrative data (such as the 20% Medicare sample) to conduct detailed studies of prevalence and incidence of cardiovascular disease, special patient characteristics, treatment patterns, and clinical outcomes. Our experience extends across the domain of cardiovascular disease, with special attention to atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (cerebrovascular disease, coronary artery disease, and peripheral arterial disease), cardiac dysrhythmias (particularly sudden cardiac death and atrial fibrillation), congestive heart failure, and valvular heart disease. Our publications have addressed the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease, pharmacotherapy, and interventional therapies (including percutaneous coronary intervention and surgical coronary artery revascularization).

One special and enduring area of interest and expertise (demonstrated by CDRG’s leadership in running both the United States Renal Data System registry and the Cardiovascular Special Studies Center) relates to the cardiorenal nexus. The intersection of chronic kidney disease and heart disease is of increasing clinical importance to clinicians, patients, and health authorities.

CDRG is an analytic group with renowned expertise in cardiorenal medicine and in the interaction of cardiac disease with other concurrent medical conditions.

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The Chronic Disease Research Group (CDRG) is a division of the Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute (EIN 1568208), located in Minneapolis, MN.