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Health Policy Research

The US government influences the healthcare system through policies, directly and indirectly. Health care policy change affect access to healthcare, cost of care, quality of care, and even data collection.

Home to several health policy experts, CDRG is proficient in US health policies, health care analysis, and follows policy change closely. CDRG has conducted healthcare data analysis studies to evaluate policy change effects on medical costs, patient clinical outcomes, healthcare provider performance, and other issues. In other healthcare-related studies, CDRG has incorporated US health policies and health policy changes in study designs, exposure and outcome definition, adjustment, and final result interpretation.

Health Economics

CDRG has the necessary expertise to evaluate changes in healthcare delivery and the effects these changes have on patient well being and healthcare resource utilization. We apply our background in health care studies, health economics, and biostatistics methodology to areas such as chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease, infections, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and liver disease.


CDRG has extensive experience in working with industry partners and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to design and implement post-marketing surveillance studies. "Post-marketing surveillance" refers to studies and clinical trials that sponsors conduct after approval, to gather additional information about a product's safety, efficacy, and/or optimal use. Some may be required by the FDA; others may be commitments by the sponsor. Typical aims include demonstrating clinical benefit for drugs, assessing a known serious risk, assessing signals of serious risk, and identifying unexpected serious risk. With the best practice of safety surveillance principles, CDRG is committed to providing rigorous and unbiased study design using traditional and novel methodologies to protect public health.

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The Chronic Disease Research Group (CDRG) is a division of the Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute (EIN 1568208), located in Minneapolis, MN.