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Solid Organ Transplant Services

The CDRG Transplantation team provides the transplant community and programs with several services, including:

Study design and support.

Whether you are a pharmaceutical company exploring innovative agents to further the success of solid organ transplantation, an HLA laboratory/professional seeking to improve patient outcomes, an organ procurement organization finding ways to improve donor management or other aspects of the donation process, or a transplant program investigating innovative ways to advance the field to improve outcomes, we stand ready to support your study through advanced biostatistical and epidemiologic design and analytic capabilities.

Advanced epidemiologic studies.

Our team can provide advanced epidemiologic analyses using large national databases including Medicare data, private insurance databases, and prescription fill data. Our expertise in obtaining, processing, and analyzing administrative databases to glean advanced epidemiologic insights into various conditions and procedures can help your organization strategically target services to advance the field. In addition, our team is ready to help move the analyses toward publication in the peer-reviewed scientific literature; from medical editing to creation of compelling tables and figures, our team has a record of success in publishing.

Custom data reports.

Transplant programs and organ procurement organizations in the United States are uniquely positioned in an environment of abundant data available through the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN), the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR), the United States Renal Data System (USRDS), and other large registries. A wealth of information is publicly available through the OPTN/SRTR Annual Data Report and SRTR’s program-specific reports. In addition, your program can benefit from more targeted data analytics and custom reporting. Let our team of professionals assist you in creating custom data reports that will help your program drive towards excellence and continue to meet the needs of your ever-expanding waiting list.

Data collection services.

If your program engages in specialized data collection, our team is ready to work with you to develop the necessary systems. We can also provide custom data analytics to quickly show the results of your data collection. Perhaps you need to survey your waiting list, your transplant recipients, or your living donors. Whatever your need, we stand ready to work with you and to help you achieve your goals.

Advanced analytics.

If your program needs more advanced analytic support, let our team of expert biostatisticians and epidemiologists assist you. Avoid the pitfall of making bad decisions based on flawed data or flawed analytics. We will work with you to understand the data and the inferences you are attempting to draw from the data.

We also look at projects on a case-by-case basis. Have a unique request? Contact us to discuss.

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The Chronic Disease Research Group (CDRG) is a division of the Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute (formerly known as the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation), located in Minneapolis, MN